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Jo Wheeler

Jo Wheeler has been working in the media for over 30 years. She is currently seen internationally forecasting the weather on Sky News  but she has a broad history of radio and television presentation.  Over the years, she has acted as programme lead, news anchor and continuity. 


Within the corporate sector, Jo has been in demand as a conference presenter and facilitator, both live and recorded, a scriptwriter and as a media trainer.

Along the way, she has been contracted to Orion Airways, (later Britannia) to incorporate their Omega Navigation fit into the original Boeing Manuals, and to streamline flying and cabin crew procedures.  She has held PR Contracts with Carl Zeiss (Oberkochen), Crosfield Electronics and Raleigh bicycles.

More recently, she has expanded her training repertoire into 'business and social etiquette' and 'effective communication', working alongside Diana Mather at Public Image, for The English Manner and The Etiquette Connection. 

Having joined a local brass band as an absolute novice eight years ago, Jo has been invited to present and adjudicate at some of the country's biggest Brass Band Competitions.

A mother of five children, she spent 7 years living in Portugal where the family renovated an old Algarvian villa.  During this time she continued to commute back to London to fulfil her commitments to Sky Television, but she also taught music at the International school there.  Lack of sixth form provision forced the family home, a decision vindicated through the recent graduation of her four eldest, in Nursing and Midwifery, Law, Spanish & Philosophy and Sociology. Her youngest child is currently an undergraduate  

Jo would consider herself something of an expert on the education system having experienced both the private and state systems within the UK; teaching methods at the International Schools abroad, State Assisted Boarding Schools and the grammar school system still prevalent where she lives.  Jo is also well acquainted with the problems of trying to raise a family whilst also attempting to pursue a career.  

In her free time Jo walks her three dogs, plays tenor horn, sax and piano. 

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