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Jo began her radio career at BBC Radio Manchester - later GMR.  Her father was a presenter there, on the breakfast programme and Jo was a regular visitor to the station. 

Years later, finding herself in Lincolnshire, she approached the local station there, only to find the programme editor, Ian Bell, had previously worked alongside her father. 

With the edict 'you'll live or die by your own sword, she was invited to fill some gaps in their schedule.  All went well with the exception of the sports content, her knowledge on this subject being less than good. 

Jo soon progressed to presenting the drivetime programme every weekday, alongside Saturday afternoons, but she often 'stood in' for the mid morning presenter's 'phone in' show as well.  Even after accepting a position with the newly launched East Midlands Today, Jo continued to present on BBC Radio Lincolnshire until her schedule simply wouldn't allow. 

Returning to radio a couple of years ago, she had to adapt to new 'computerised' studios, but greater changes were afoot and she is now fully versed on the latest 'Vilor' system being adopted by the BBC.

BBC Radio Studio
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